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Resting During Resistance Training

We all know when we need rest. Maybe our eyes start closing, or our heads start dropping, but what about between weight lifting sets? How much rest is the right amount? Too much rest and it takes an eternity to finish a workout; not enough, and the lift is compromised. Short-term recovery is both necessary and important to performance. It …

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Eating to Beat the Blues

The gloomy, cloudy days so common to winter often leave people feeling the same way as weather. This is often referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately abbreviated to SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder has been diagnosed in approximately 6% of Americans, with about 15% suffering from a milder version of the disorder. Nonetheless, the winter blues, no matter how severe, …

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HIIT it Hard

It is common knowledge that, for weight loss, the implementation of cardio as well as dietary and strength training alterations, are necessary. Typically, the cardiovascular work performed is what’s called “steady state” cardio. This is essentially any cardiovascular activity done for a prolonged amount of time at around the same intensity throughout. For example, running on the treadmill at 6.0mph …

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Goal Setting for Success

Ringing in the New Year inevitably leads to making resolutions that are long since forgotten by February 1st. However, making goals effectively can lead to greater success both in fitness and everyday life. Implementing effective goal setting involves setting timely, realistic goals and establishing a method of completing it. For many people, a goal will be as generalized as “I …

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