Chris Wallace


Name: Chris Wallace

-Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
-Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
-Cardiorespiratory Training for Fitness, National Academy of Sports Medicine


“Can I just say that exercise and I have not always been friends. But over time I have been working on it. I was finding I was not doing so well on my own so I found a trainer that worked for me. His name is Chris from Infinite Fitness in Schaumburg. He has taught me a lot about training, about muscles and how to activate my muscles. Before I started working with him about 3 months ago, I was dealing with pain in my feet and in my ankle. I have been pain free for a couple of months because of muscle activation. I have learned from Chris how to walk right and even better RUN. Today for the first time I felt like I can run. For years I have said I do not know how to run. Chris keeps telling me I will in no time. Well today, that is just what I did. I felt like I could do it. There is such pride in feeling like you have accomplished something. The staff is friendly, encouraging, and knowledgeable on how the muscles work and why they may or may not be working right.” -Amanda M.

“A while back, my husband and I started training with Chris to help us get in shape, lose some pounds and look great for our wedding. The wedding is over and our original goals have been met and exceeded! We have had a fantastic experience with Chris and Infinite Fitness…” -Katie A.

“…Chris has been excellent at catering programs to help my fitness and work out each muscle equally. He really explains each exercise thorougly and states what the point is and what muscle group you are working and is a stickler for good form…” -Jeff B.