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Running and Strength Training

Strength training is something that all runners should be incorporating into their overall fitness routine. Strength training for runners is more than toning and building muscle, it’s a way to keep from getting injured. There are many, many articles about running injuries and how to rehabilitate them or how to change up the run workouts to compensate for injuries.
An even better solution to the injury problem is to fix the weak areas before they become injuries. A regular, consistent strength training routine will help to correct muscle imbalances. Balanced muscles mean a reduced risk for injury. For instance, if you routinely experience back pain during your runs, you probably need to work on building your core strength. By balancing your abs to your lower back muscles to your glutes, your back won’t carry a majority of the responsibility and get sore.

Strength training can also help build speed and endurance. According to Doug Lentz, Director of Fitness and Wellness for the Chambersburg Health Services in Chambersburg, PA, “In addition to injury prevention, weight training improves performance. Studies show that with as little as ten weeks of weight training, 10K times decrease by an average of a little over one minute. The research has also shown that running economy defined as the steady-state oxygen consumption for a standardized running speed (milliliters per kilogram body weight per minute), will be improved due to weight training. By improving running economy, a runner should be able to run faster over the same distance due to a decrease in oxygen consumption”.

Each runner has their own strengths and weaknesses. To find out where yours are and how to correct them, stop in and speak to one of our personal trainers. We want you to be the best runner you can be.

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