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Treadmill Frankensteining

Your walking and running patterns are very important. Changing your natural walking/running pattern increases your chance for injury and typically burns less calories, which brings us to… Treadmill Frankensteining. Treadmill Frankensteining is exactly what it sounds like: when someone is holding onto the treadmill with both hands in front of them while they walk/jog. Usually there is some sort of …

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Gluten: To Eat or Not To Eat

According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), 18 million Americans have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. But just what is gluten sensitivity? Gluten sensitivity is the term used to describe people who cannot tolerate gluten and end up experiencing symptoms similar to celiac disease. Symptoms include GI difficulties, headaches, joint pain or numbness in the fingers or toes. Dr. Arthur …

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Are you being sabotaged?

Now that you’ve embarked on your fitness journey, you may notice a change in your family and friends. While they initially were supportive and helped you reach your goals, that support has tapered off. There could be any number of reasons for this change. “Sometimes friends simply want you to feel good about yourself as you are,” writes Dr. David …

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What is strength? I bet if you asked this question to yourself your answer would be quite vague. “Well strength is..being strong?” As a powerlifter strength is my end all be all, what I strive to make greater after each session in the gym. Strength means adding twenty pounds to my squat for a new PR. To my clients strength …

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