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Tired From Turkey?

Turkey has often been attributed to the ever-so-common Thanksgiving Day nap because of its L-Tryptophan content. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, meaning we need to eat it because our bodies cannot produce it. It is a contributor to everything from the backbone of DNA to the production of Vitamin B3. In this case, when tryptophan aids in the body’s …

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5 Ways to Wake Up for a Morning Workout

Getting out of bed can certainly be a struggle for all of us. There are mornings where the thought of getting out of bed while it’s still dark out and heading to the gym can not only be daunting, but downright unappealing. We all do it. You set your alarm the night before, excited for the idea of how healthy …

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Don’t Stress! Two Minutes to a Calmer You

Stress is everywhere. Ask anyone and, without skipping a beat, they’ll run down a list of ten reasons they’re stressed today; but, it doesn’t have to control your life. Take two minutes to destress and have a positive impact on your whole body. Stress is not only mentally taxing, but also encourages the release of the hormone cortisol into your …

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