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Meditation for Mindfulness

Meditation has countless benefits, with more being discovered each day; It can lessen stress and anxiety, prevent emotional eating, increase memory retention and recall and even reduce blood pressure. But the actual process of meditation can seem odd if you’ve never done it. So how can you start this ever-growing trend without donning white linen pants? Here are five easy …

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Knowing Your Nutrition

Whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight or simply maintain your current weight, nutrition becomes a key to success. In conjunction with a proper fitness regimen, nutrition can be the boost you need to accomplishing your goal, but having a clear understanding of what you’re eating can be extremely difficult. What are those nutrition labels really saying? All …

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To Cardio or to Strength Train? That is the Question.

One of the most common questions I hear is, “should I lift weights first, or do cardio first?” and, while research still cannot say distinctly which is preferable, I can give some insight to the answer I often give. Both weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise are effective methods of training; however, I have often explained to my clients maintaining good form …

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