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Release Your Muscles for Better Results

Myofascial release is the manipulation of tissue to prevent it from over-contraction. Over-contraction can cause pain, tightness, and poor use of the muscle. There are small hook-like heads in the muscle filament that connect to each other to cause contraction. This is necessary for any kind of voluntary muscular contraction (it would not take place consciously in the heart, for …

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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Aches? Pains? Low energy? Brain fog? We’ve got a solution for you! Inertia Health Center’s 30-day Clean Eating program is designed to clear your body of the inflammation that’s been causing your aches, pains, low energy and brain fog. Along the way, people do lose an average of 10lbs, but that’s a side perk. The program starts on January 11th, …

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Dude, Where Are My Abs?

Most people know where their “abs” are, but cannot understand what it takes to have the carved “Channing Tatum a la Magic Mike” midsection. Unfortunately, revealing the ever-coveted six pack, rather than the keg most of us carry, takes a great deal of discipline. Proper training and nutrition are essential for showing off that stunning midsection. Here are some tips …

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Sleeping Beauty Knew a Thing or Two

Sleep is a beautiful thing, but nearly 40% of Americans do not get enough sleep according to the Center for Disease Control. Lack of sleep can lead to lower levels of concentration, increase risk of car accidents and has been linked to higher incidences of heart attacks. Needless to say, sleep is crucial to staying healthy. The average adult needs …

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