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Hydrate to Speed Up Recovery

Hydration is crucial to proper recovery. Our muscular tissue is one of the many places we store water. It also helps with almost all bodily processes. In terms of recovery, water can help the blood remove lactic acid from sore muscles and have it filtered out by the kidneys into the urine. How can you tell if you’re dehydrated? One …

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Rest, But Not Too Much

Resting after a workout allows time for our bodies to recover. There are many benefits to exercise, even those for mental health and wellness. However, recent research indicates that even taking a week off from exercise can diminish the mental benefits. A recent study released by the University of Maryland showed that avid runners who took 10 days off from …

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Eat That Protein, Bro!

Are you at the point in your diet where you’re eating so much chicken, you’re surprised you’re not clucking yet? Me too. But how much protein are you actually getting? Too much? Not enough? One of the biggest keys to a dietary alteration is tracking your food intake and being aware of what you are eating, particularly with respect to …

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Run, Walk, or Jump to Lower Stress

There are countless benefits to exercise that we’ve all heard time and again; however, exercise has recently been shown to reduce work-related stress, as well as the risk for cardiovascular disease. Nearly 60% of Americans feel a significant amount of stress as a result of their work, and often feel burned out because of it (Halvorsen, 2017). Cardiovascular exercise can …

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