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Sitting: A Comfortable Health Risk

Sitting can be a burden on the body. It can cause the hip flexors and chest muscles to tighten, weaken the core muscles, and even lead to blood clots. People who sit for more than 80% of their day have also been known to have higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. While traditional exercise helps, the best solution is obvious: …

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Distracted Exercise

Being distracted during exercise can actually lead to a better mood. Unless you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing and you drop a dumbbell on my foot, then none of us will be happy. However, when used in conjunction with cardiovascular activities, a distraction such as television or music can elicit a better mood than exercise alone. I’m sure …

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Organically Grown, Worth the Dough?

What does it mean for food to carry the “USDA Organic” label? Is it worth the extra money? In order for any products to carry the term USDA Organic, they must contain at least 95% organic composites. Meaning, at least 95% of what the product is made of, whether it be a box of cereal or an apple, must be …

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Work Your Body, Prevent Dementia

A recent study conducted in Canada followed 1600 adults for 5 years and discovered a risk for dementia that rivals the threat of even genetic predisposition: a sedentary lifestyle. People who did not exercise were as likely to be at risk for dementia as those who were genetically predisposed. The researchers who tracked the participants in the Canadian Study of …

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