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Are you being sabotaged?

Now that you’ve embarked on your fitness journey, you may notice a change in your family and friends. While they initially were supportive and helped you reach your goals, that support has tapered off.

There could be any number of reasons for this change. “Sometimes friends simply want you to feel good about yourself as you are,” writes Dr. David Katz. “Spouses and significant others may have other motivations, such as jealousy. They may worry that if you lose weight, you’ll lose interest in them at the same time.”
Katz recommends dealing with these saboteurs using an up-front approach. “Truth is the best policy. Tell everyone important to you what you’re up to, and ask for their help,” writes Katz. Here, honesty really is the best policy. Let them know how what they are saying or doing is undermining and hurting you. Speak to them so they listen to you.

By the same token, you need to listen to them. For instance, if your partner constantly tries to get you to have ‘cheat meals’ with them, ask them why. Chances are they feel bad for themselves while they are eating pizza and you are eating a healthy dinner that fits within your meal plan.

Perhaps your partner would like to be healthier, but doesn’t know exactly where to start. They may even feel intimidated by your success. This could be your opportunity to get them to join you on your fitness journey by starting one of their own.

Remember that ultimately, your health and wellness is your responsibility. Other people in your life may tempt you – but the decisions and actions are all yours. After all, you are creating a healthy lifestyle for you, not anyone else. While it is frustrating to encounter sabotage in any form, at least you can take your frustrations out at the gym. Kettlebell or boot camp class anyone?

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