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Challenge Your Core with These 3 Plank Variations

Planks are a great way to strengthen your core without excess spinal flexion, however they can often times become monotonous when done without variation. Switching up the type of plank you perform will not only make this exercise more exciting, but also challenge your body.

Newsletterpic1 1) Plank with Opposite Hand/Foot Raise

Begin in regular plank position. Push your right arm and left foot into the floor, then you slowly raise and extend your left arm and right foot.

Benefit: This variation engages your oblique chain.

Newsletterpic2 2) Plank On Knees with Stability Ball Rollout

Begin with knees on floor and forearms placed on stability ball. Lower hips into neutral position. Slowly extend stability ball with control while maintaining neutral hips and spine.

Benefit: Kneeling removes quad involvement, while the ball challenges stability.

Newsletterpic3 3) Plank with Suspension Trainer

Hold standard plank position on toes with forearms placed in the slings of suspension trainer.

Benefit: Instability of suspension trainer challenges core stabilizing muscles.

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