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Continuation Through Kaizen

Kaizen is defined as the practice of continued improvement coming from a Sino-Japanese term meaning “change for the better.” While this is predominantly applied to manufacturing operations, it can also be applied to exercise.

Often times, our workouts can stagnate, become bland or fail to give us the continued results we desire. This will frequently occur when we follow the same program without any changes. While working out consistently is vital to success, there should be exercise variations to keep the muscles from fully adapting. Having a base skeleton to your exercise program that encompasses your goals is a good place to start, but modifying the accessory work involved in a program is key to continued success. Repeating the same exact workout at the same weight every time is not an effective means for success. There are attributes that can be beneficial to repeat, much like performing squats every time you complete a leg lift, but executing the same accessory work afterwards will cause limitations to progress. Try changing exercise tempos, weights, adding pauses, intervals or drop-sets to keep your workout interesting and to keep you committed to it.

Does your workout program feel stuck? Consult a trainer to streamline your program and encompass a greater variety of exercises.

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