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Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

“Everyone needs a personal trainer.” My coworkers and I throw this phrase around at our weekly meeting. We joke that this reality of fitness is true, everyone (even us) would benefit from having their own personal trainer. In my time as a personal trainer I have met hundreds of people inside and outside of the gym who are interested in fitness. I have worked with people who have a variety of backgrounds and fitness knowledge. I also have had the opportunity to train with some of the top athletes in the world as I prepared to be a member of the US Karate Team. My assessment after meeting such a broad spectrum of people is simple: Everyone needs a personal trainer. Regardless if this is your first time stepping in the gym in over a decade, or you are training to become a pro in your chosen sport, having a trainer is an intrigal part of taking your training to the next level.

So let’s start with the most obvious reason you would need a trainer; you are new to the fitness world or maybe you’ve just been out of the loop for a few years. Why is a trainer important for this beginning phase of your fitness journey? One of the missing links to becoming a healthier version of you is often times motivation. Most of the clients I work with struggle with the first step of working out, which is just getting to the gym. Working with a trainer means making an appointment, this action in and of itself sets a personal expectation. Once an appointment is made you are more likely to follow through with your workout Just like making an appointment for your yearly physical at the doctor’s office, committing yourself to an hour workout with your personal trainer will keep you on the straight and narrow.

Say making it to the gym isn’t the problem. Instead when you get to the gym you find yourself slacking during your workout. Its just easier to stop at rep eight then to complete the whole set, right? Or what if your cardiac endurance just isn’t up to par? You really should spend some time pushing the sled or making your way through a cardio circuit. Cardio isn’t really your thing though, so maybe next time you’ll get it done. Most people (myself included sometimes, yikes!) tend to stick with the old favorites because it’s what you enjoy even if it means not programming according to the goal you’re looking to achieve. Its a personal trainer’s job to creating a workout specific to meeting your goals, as well as push you past your limits. Hiring someone as your own personal fitness guru will ensure your routines are efficient and effective. And from personal experience I will tell you, us trainers never let you quit before the final rep!

What if you already know what you’re doing…you think? How efficient is your workout at accomplishing the goals you’ve set out for yourself? Training with a purpose is a key factor in creating your dream body and becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Personal trainers are well versed in most methods of training. While each trainer has an individual specialty, we see people of all different backgrounds with diverse goals. Understanding what a client needs and formulating a plan accordingly is part of what we do! If it makes you feel more comfortable, go ahead and research trainers in your area in order to get a better understanding of their specialities. In the end working with a personal trainer will ensure that the hour you spend sweating will really make a difference. Work smarter, not harder. Training with a plan in hand sure beats wandering around the gym for an hour trying out different machines!

Now lets change gears. You’ve been an athlete your entire life, you live to workout! You fit your gym time into your schedule easily and always leave the gym feeling exhausted from how hard you’ve worked. In the upcoming months you are looking to complete a mud run and you’re just starting to amp up your training. Why would someone like this need a personal trainer? Anyone looking to be competitive in a particular sport, or to challenge themselves in a competition, could use someone to fine tune their skills. Personal trainers have experience in exercise progression, therefore working with a trainer will help you to create a more challenging and comprehensive workout plan. Many trainers also have a background in sports and athletics. Tips of the trade, from an experienced trainer, will help you as you get closer to your event to know what to expect and how to overcome hurdles during the competition.

Having a personal trainer to work with is an advantage regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. Whether you’re turning over a new leaf or setting your sights on a first place trophy, working with a fitness professional will make your workouts efficient, trying, and fun! Trainers are well versed in anatomy and kinesiology, their exercise routines will be appropriate for accomplishing your goals while keeping you safe. By hiring a professional you are giving yourself the upper hand, from motivation to step in the gym all the way to completing a challenging set. Taking it to the next level is just a phone call, or gym stop, away! So what are you waiting for?


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