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Dude, Where Are My Abs?

Most people know where their “abs” are, but cannot understand what it takes to have the carved “Channing Tatum a la Magic Mike” midsection. Unfortunately, revealing the ever-coveted six pack, rather than the keg most of us carry, takes a great deal of discipline. Proper training and nutrition are essential for showing off that stunning midsection. Here are some tips to understand what muscles make up your core, and how to get them into “insert hot celebrity here” form.

The core is our structural foundation. It is all of the muscles that keep us upright; they are used in almost every single movement, every single day. There are a great deal of muscles involved in the movements of the core, including: the rectus abdominis, erector spinae, internal and external obliques, transverse abdominis and the psoas muscles. Knowing the composition of the core makes it clear that working the core involves more than just crunches.

-Performing weighted core movements will increase muscle growth

-“Abs” will not show without reducing body fat percentage, no matter how much you work them

-There often need to be drastic dietary changes in order to reveal the abdominal muscles

-Rotational movements target the obliques

-The back plays a crucial role in stabilization and should not be ignored

For more tips on how to reveal the midsection of your dreams, see one of our talented trainers.

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