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Get Motivated!

Motivation is not always easy to come by. Whether you find it difficult to start creating healthy habits or to keep those habits consistent, motivation is key to anyone’s successful fitness goals. While it is easy to agree on the fact that a lack of motivation is what stands in the way of many people’s accomplishments, how do we actually begin to motivate ourselves to make the changes necessary? And once we attain that motivation how do we ensure that it doesn’t slip away? Here are five tips to not only help you begin this process but to keep that hard work coming!

-Positivity, Positivity, Positivity!
In order to progress in life positivity is key! Before you begin on your fitness journey understand that through the ups and downs it is important to stay positive. While a negative outlook and negative self talk comes easy to most, being positive even in the darkest of hours will only make you reach your goals faster. Surrounding yourself with supportive family members and friends will help you out of any funk you may encounter. Apart from those in your inner circle, many support groups exist online to act as a sounding board for those undertaking a change in lifestyle. Do a quick Google search! Visualizing yourself attaining your goal is another positive exercise that can help you push through those difficult times. Positivity is the key to success and the more you practice it the easier it becomes.

-Know Your Goal
While you undertake your journey to a healthier lifestyle it is easy to miss the forest through the trees. Having ONE, SPECIFIC goal to work towards will lead you in the right direction. Often times staying motivated can be difficult when someone has an unfocused goal, or multiple goals they are looking to accomplish at one time. In order to focus your energy on success, understand your goal and what it will take to reach it. Once you accomplish a goal don’t stop there! Stay motivated by setting new goals that push your limits.

-The Journey of a Thousand Miles…

Begins with a SINGLE step! So often people are scared off before they even begin to alter their lifestyle. Whether your goal is to loose five or fifty pounds, taking baby steps is the best way to kick off a workout routine or a shift in nutrition. Sometimes all it takes is to get the ball rolling in order to make big changes. So overcome your self doubt and take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

-Stop the Excuses Already
News Flash: The timing will NEVER be exactly right. There will always be hurdles to work through when beginning a lifestyle change. By understand and accepting that there will be bumps in the road you will have a higher chance of success. Whether you fit in a workout during your lunch break to avoid a busy work schedule, or early in the morning so you have time to spend with your family later in the day, make sure your excuses do not hold you back. Don’t take the easy route and allow your excuses to become an escape, pound the pavement and make a change!

-Embrace the Process
In order to keep your motivation consistent it is very important that you realize the ups and downs your journey will take you through. Embracing the process allows for you to not loose motivation when difficulties arise. As in life, ebs and flows are natural as you challenge yourself and make the choice to change your life for the better. Give yourself a break from time to time when a particular challenge gets the best of you, and make sure to conquer your next hurdle!

Entering a lifestyle change may seem like a difficult undertaking however once you find your stride the rest is sure to follow. By staying positive, understanding your precise goal, and accepting the entirety of the process you can make the changes necessary and accomplish all of your fitness dreams. No one is perfect and there will be difficulties along the way, but belief in yourself will help overcome these barriers. Anyone can make a change at any time, it’s up to you to motivate yourself. Have some self belief and make it happen!

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