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Goal Setting for Success

Ringing in the New Year inevitably leads to making resolutions that are long since forgotten by February 1st. However, making goals effectively can lead to greater success both in fitness and everyday life.

Implementing effective goal setting involves setting timely, realistic goals and establishing a method of completing it. For many people, a goal will be as generalized as “I would like to lose weight.” Rephrasing that goal to make it more tangible will both make it seem more attainable and hold you more accountable to achieving it. “I will lose 10 pounds by May 1st. I will do so by tracking my meals, doing cardio workouts three times per week and strength training twice a week.” This goal demonstrates what you will do, rather than what you would like to do, and how you will accomplish it. It also sets a time limit for attaining said goal. The deadline makes the goal real and enforces the action plan.

Still not sure how to effectively tackle this year’s goals? Talk to any of our personal trainers for goal setting strategies!

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