Kevin Erickson

Name: Kevin Erickson


-Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
-Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
-Fitness Nutrition Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine (Currently Enrolled)
-Maximal Hypertrophy Certification, National Academy of Sports Medicine
-Certified Dynamic NeuroMuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer
-Partner Assisted Stretch Certification
-American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified


“ Finally, I’ve got my head on straight” I now have a clearer and stronger mindset behind taking care of my health and my mental state of mind. Since starting trigger point therapy with Kevin my neck has learned an entirely new and improved range of motion. I am beginning to learn the purpose of proper posture, movement and body language. All of trainers at Infinite Fitness never seize to amaze me with their welcoming smiles and positive attitudes. They make every visit to the gym an enjoyable and informative experience. I really love Infinite because they are not like any “big box” gym that tries to sell you anything and everything making an uncomfortable workout environment. The trainers and staff at Infinite Fitness always look to help you reach your goals, specific to YOU. They accept me or me and exactly me. They realize I am “a work in progress” and are patient with my needs. Infinite is where I go to be a part of a bigger picture, a healthier picture, my picture. I imagine myself a stronger and calmer woman with Infinite fitness’s philosophies. I’m very glad to have found this gym! Thanks Kevin, Sandra L.

“I originally came into Infinite Fitness for a free trial and a couple of sessions but liked the experience so much that I decided to stay. All of the trainers are friendly, helpful, and completely supportive. Finally I don’t feel like I’m fighting this battle alone! I’ve been working with Kevin for about a month now. He was able to customize a plan just for me that focuses not just on working out but my habits outside the gym as well. After just a month I feel GREAT and even lost 12 lbs! I look forward to losing more with the help of Infinite Fitness.” -Amber J.

“I am so thrilled that I discovered Infinite Fitness when I moved to Schaumburg. I have had back pain for years that has affected my golf swing but after 2 months of customized corrective stretching and exercises I played the first pain-free round of golf in 6 years. These people really know the science of personal training — highly recommend them to anyone!” -Dale L.