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Run, Walk, or Jump to Lower Stress

There are countless benefits to exercise that we’ve all heard time and again; however, exercise has recently been shown to reduce work-related stress, as well as the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Nearly 60% of Americans feel a significant amount of stress as a result of their work, and often feel burned out because of it (Halvorsen, 2017). Cardiovascular exercise can contribute to reducing the feeling of stress in the workplace, even when only performed three times per week.

The study was conducted by measuring the stress levels and cardiovascular risk factors (CRF) in 197 men and women around age 39 (+/- 3.6 years) before and after three days of cardiovascular exercise per week for six months. After only three months, all 197 participants reported feeling less stress from work, and 82% saw a reduction in at least one cardiovascular risk factor. After six months, 97% saw a reduction in at least one cardiovascular risk factor.

While cardiovascular exercise can feel a bit dull,this study has further exemplified the benefits of it. You can reduce stress and improve your heart health simply by performing cardiovascular exercise. If your current exercise program feels incomplete, see one of our trainers to ensure you’re making the most of your time.

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