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Running Form – It Matters!

Proper running form helps to increase your running efficiency while protecting you from injury. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been running for years or are new to the routine, everyone can benefit from improved running form. The key is to make small changes and give your body a chance to adjust to the new mechanics. Here are some ideas to try, based on research performed by exercise physiologist Adam St. Pierre and physical therapist Christy Barth, as reported by Runners World.

-Use short, quick steps. Lengthening your stride can lead you down the injury path. Your foot should land at or near your center mass – that is, lined up with your pelvis and hips. Over reaching with your stride causes imbalance, which leads to injury.

-Relax your hands. Keep your hands loose and your elbows bent at 90degrees. As you run, your hands shouldn’t cross your midline as they come forward. That can throw off your gait and waste valuable energy.

-Loosen up the shoulders. If your shoulders are tense when you run, chances are that your entire upper body is, also. Keep your shoulders loose and relaxed for optimal performance.

-Work your core. Strong glutes and abdominal muscles make keeping the correct form easier as well as protecting you from injury. A strong core helps your endurance and helps you ‘run tall’ – stretching yourselfup to your full height with good posture.

Not sure if your running form is up to par? The personal trainers at Infinite Fitness are happy to help with this. They will evaluate your stride, form and performancelevel as well as help you reach any of your running goals. Call or come in today to get started!

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