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Sitting: The Hidden Health Hazards

More and more people have to sit for hours on end as part of their jobs. According to Kathleen Dohney and Michael Smith, MD, various studies completed since January of 2014 have linked sitting to multiple health issues.

For instance, people who sit for long periods of time are more vulnerable to decreased mental health, at a higher risk of death from heart disease or other causes and a higher risk of becoming disabled.

The brain is a major organ that requires good blood flow. Studies report that long periods of being sedentary slows brain function, leaving you feeling foggy and unable to think quickly or clearly. Poor blood flow also causes problems in the legs with fluid pooling in the ankles and varicose veins. It may also lead to developing blood clots (deep vein thrombosis).

Sitting doesn’t require as many muscles as standing or other movements do.This means your core muscles – glutes and abs – get soft from lack of use. Asthose muscles are going soft, the hip flexors and psoas muscles tighten up.

So what can you do? The simple answer is to move more. Get up at least once an hour if not more often to stretch and get your blood flowing. If you have to be at your desk for extended periods of time on a routine basis, consider an adjustable desk that would allow you to stand and work at the same time.

Get started with a regular physical routine. Whether you start walking, running or getting into the gym, make sure you do it often. The personal trainers at Infinite Fitness in Schaumburg can design a plan for you to move more during the day as well as reach other health and fitness goals.

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