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To Cardio or to Strength Train? That is the Question.

One of the most common questions I hear is, “should I lift weights first, or do cardio first?” and, while research still cannot say distinctly which is preferable, I can give some insight to the answer I often give.

Both weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise are effective methods of training; however, I have often explained to my clients maintaining good form in lifting is necessary to target the expected muscle groups and burn the greatest number of calories, thus should be done before the body becomes overly fatigued. Basically, it is crucial to keep proper form while performing both, but the risk of acute injury is greater with poor lifting form than it is from poor cardiovascular form. Hence, I usually suggest performing any strength training first.

The stabilization required during weight lifting is often multiplied when the movement is loaded, meaning it is done with weight. In contrast, many cardiovascular machines are guided which allow for less wavering in form. It is still possible to sustain injuries from cardio work, so check with one of our trainers about proper form.

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