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Why you should be doing Boot Camp

How do you get your sweat on?  Whether you’re a gym rat or its your first time stepping foot in a fitness facility, Boot Camp is a workout that will test your limits and bump up your results.  This class’s unique mixture of cardiovascular endurance and strength training not only melts away the pounds, it also builds a strong and lean physique. And when you’re not sure if you can keep going? The team atmosphere of Boot Camp ensures that one of your teammates will always be there to give you that extra little push and encouragement when you need it.  Boot Camp will keep any gym goer on their toes with innovative exercises that will challenge strength, stamina, and grit.  While you’re pushing yourself to the limit physically and mentally you will gain confidence in what you have accomplished, along with a thirst for new obstacles to overcome!

Within the first five minutes of Boot Camp the calorie burn is undeniable. Dynamic movements and full body circuits push the intensity of this program, eating up calories quickly! By incorporating interval training, fat will be set on fire. Typical calorie burn during Boot Camp sessions will unload around 600-800 calories.

Boot Camp incorporates both strength training and cardio.  Both aspects of fitness are important in order to build a healthy physique.  The up side?  If completing cardiovascular training isn’t exciting during your everyday workout routine, Boot Camp pumps up the volume and raises your heart rate without traditional cardio machines.  Kettle bells, dumbbells, battle ropes and TRX straps are just a few pieces of equipment used during Boot Camp to increase strength and muscular stamina.  If strength training isn’t within your comfort zone this class is a great way to learn!

The group atmosphere of Boot Camp brings excitement and energy to each workout.  Whether you hit a mental block or are having a hard time mastering a certain skill, working with the group will bring comfort and confidence.  By working together as a team, Boot Camp will continue to test individual limits and bring your workout to places it hasn’t been before!

Boot Camp instructors come from varying backgrounds and hold different specialties. What does this mean when you attend workouts?  Each class is unique and innovative in its own way.  If you’re stuck in a rut with your current workouts Boot Camp is also a great way to break out of the ordinary!  Specialty equipment such as tires and sledge hammers make this class anything but traditional!

After the calories are burned and your muscles are fatigued a sense of accomplishment will follow.  Boot Camp builds confidence by allowing you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in new ways.  Knowing that you have successfully completed the hour Boot Camp class will show you that you are stronger than you think!

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